Boutique Honey

Boutique Native New Zealand  Raw Honey.

Just like nature intended.

# NO HEAT TREATMENT. Our honeys retain the natural enzymes pollen's and small particles of wax. Adding to the unique flavors 


# Analytically Tested for pollen types.

What makes our Honey different?

We are Boutique

Our honeys taste amazing. Full Flavoured.

Small Batch. Limited editions.

No Heat Treatment,  we retain all of the enzymes, pollens including small particles of wax.

We manage our own bee hives. Harvest and bottle our honeys in our own Registered Premises 

Our Honeys

We harvest our honeys when the targeted trees have finished flowering. Then place empty honey boxes on our hives in order to catch the next honey source.

Early Spring:

Five Finger, Light Sweet Nectar. Aromatic. Naturally Creamy.

Early Summer: 

Wineberry.  Liquid Honey Smooth. slightly darker colour with spicy caramel aftertaste.

Mid Summer:

Whiteywood . Aromatic with a sweet smooth flavor.

Kamahi. Golden honey in color with a smooth velvety flavor. Woody, Earthy aftertaste. 

Late Summer

Manuka and Kanuka. A fuller flavor with stronger after taste.

Both of these honeys are Table Honeys also suitable for Basting and Hot Drinks.   

Analytical Testing.

Each batch is Lab tested to ensure authenticity of Nectar and the Pollen types that are in your jar. Every batch is  unique . 

Honey keeps indefinitely. If you keep it warm it will remain liquid at 18-20 degrees.