About Our Honey

Our honey is boutique. We take special care when harvesting ensuring we only get the best honey frames from our hives This is necessary as we do not pasteurize our honeys as natural enzymes would be destroyed. We do not do a final fine filter as we believe small particles of pollen and wax make up the unique flavors. This is evident in the high pollen count shown on the right side of label

 Our honey taste a little different from season to season, depending on weather conditions much like a grape vintage. Honey Vintage is printed non the label.

The percentages of the different pollens are printed on the side label.

When tasting our honey, note the batch number if you wish to purchase the same tasting honey again.

All honeys are lab tested for authenticity and the make up of pollens gathered along with the Raw Pollen Concentration per 10 grams.

We do not blend our honey. You get what the bees collect.

We have a maximum of 50 hives. This limits the honey harvest but allows us to personalize the harvest and extraction of our honey.

One of our Queen Bees. (Centre of picture)

Inspection of honey frame prior to harvest

Inspection of brood frame.

Honey House 


Bottling Machine