Wineberry Honey 250 gram

Wineberry Honey 250 gram

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Wineberry Honey. Another Native to New Zealand. Spring Honey. A difficult honey to get as spring can be windy and wet. This honey is low in glucose and tends to stay liquid all year round.

A rich tasting honey. Dark in color. Spicy after-notes.

Our favorite here at Boons Valley. Drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Batch 135

Vintage 2019

Analytical Analyses

  • Wineberry 42.2%
  • Gorse 11.4%
  • Kamahi 4.4%
  • Bushlawyer 4.4%
  • Hinau 3.5%
  • Unidentified 34%

Raw Pollen Concentration 39.048 grains per 10 grams